Best way to integrate with vinyl set up?

I’ve been wondering if there could be a decent enough way to integrate the GO into an existing vinyl set up.

I’m using a Xone32, so could run the GO into the third, non-cross fader controlled channel. The trickiest thing would be getting levels working well.

Think this might just be more trouble than it is fun, but interested to hear whether other people have done it, thought about it or have suggestions on different and better ways to achieve it. Perhaps there are other mixers that would do a better job.

I’m using the go in a setup with two turntables on a DAP Core DJ mixer. I can change the crossfader channel settings. It’s useable to use the go for 1 track because of the level cueing on the DAP Core when mixing it with vinyl. When I want to play more songs on the go I change my headphone to the go and use the cue on the go for leveling. It’s not perfect but it works fine for me.

I also got my two Turntables working by adding an additional mixer to the GO 's AUX Input. It honestly looks like crap. I would prefer one additional line level Turntable plugged into the AUX Input if it was fully controllable and able to be monitored.

You guys should really consider heading over and supporting my new feature request post to have additional Bass, Treble, Midrange, hi / low filter, headphone monitoring and possible level meters added to the AUX Input. This would make any source plugged into the AUX Input able to be properly controlled and monitored correctly as an actual working additional “3rd channel” instead of being crippled the way it is. All of these options could easily be added to a drop down menu via coding.

There is support for these options to be added to the MIC Input. Why anyone would not want these same controls be added to the AUX Input is beyond me. It will make the GO a better deck for all of us for sure.

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