Best way to connect to a speaker

I want to plug a Prime GO into a battery-powered speaker that has ONE XLR input. Should I find a Y splitter and go L&R out of Prime into the XLR or does the GO have a MONO option so I could just use one XLR to XLR (not splitter) cable?

OK, I do see that there’s a MONO/STEREO switch on the GO… does that mean I could just run out of one channel (left or right… would it matter which) and run into the XLR input on the speaker? That makes sense to me… just wanting to be sure.

Mono - typically will mix the signal and on both master outputs You will get exactly the same signal. You are ok to go with single cable and mono mode on Your prime. Y cable on master out could be problematic, as You will feed back the signal to Your output as well. This can cause signal degradation or in high volume situations some damage to the output circuits.