Best way to connect Maschine Studio to my MCX8000 MIDI

I just got it (MCX8000) and already I love it, but I would like to connect my Maschine Studio to the controller and I see so many options that I was hoping some other DJs would have some advise. I have looked and it looks like both Serato and Maschine 2 software have options for doing this in fact so many options that it would take quite a while trying them all. Has anyone connected a Maschine Studio to the MCX8000? if so how does it work well and how did you do it. I am interested in doing it with the MIDI button in Serato or the preferences screen in Maschine 2 software. Both boards are connected to different USB ports on mt laptop.


i would definitely check with the guys at DJ tech tools, they have a couple videos up for slaving maschine into decks on traktor, they might have one for serato.

Best way to connect Maschine to Serato would be using Ableton Link.

Just click the Link Icon in both softwares and they’re synced. Now you only need to select the MCX8000 as the audio interface in the Maschine software and select an output channel of the 8000.

The above should work perfectly fine - but only with Serato. Standalone would be more complicated and does not work well.