Best stand for a PRIME GO


I"m looking for a stand for my Prime Go. Every stand I see out there has something that blocks the headphone jack and related controls on the front left. Any suggestions ?

Check this one out. Super stable for performance, it fits perfectly with Prime Go inside the backpack, doesn’t break and it is cheap. Ikea …

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Thanks! Do you have the Ikea name or part number?

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I is called BRADA Not sure if that is the correct number 601.501.76

I both have a regular laptop stand and one of those foldable ones - both work great, and none blocks the headphones :blush:

I am using a Crane stand cv3 Crane Stand Plus CV3 BL | MUSIC STORE professional

If you don’t push it with force it holds pretty well

Does the stand have to get the Go up to a higher position, or is it solely for changing the angle slightly?

I’m currently in Singapore for a few weeks and these are all over the place. Every mall sells them. The quality seems okay for raising the Go up and an angle so may take a chance on one for the price they are.

K-MART Extra Strong Adjustable Laptop , Stand Riser Laptop Holder for Desk Air-Ventilation Notebook Mount, Compatible with MacBook Air, Pro, Dell, 10-15.6” (SILVER)

They fold up very small and they do one with a built in USB hub.

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Hey !!

After 2.5 years, 2 or 3 times per week pro use w. the Go … plus after I tried the Crane stand (which is a great tool for a laptop) + a custom aluminum one that I made, I wouldn’t suggest any of these metallic stands, except maybe if someone touches/uses the device like a cat !! I understand that it’s me, however I don’t like any little movement when I use the Pads, backspin the jogs . I want my console not to move at all … But as I already stated, that’s me …

Kris, for me, for both reasons! In the 2nd photo you can notice the adhesive rubber pads under the plastic. Those are for a slightly higher position …

(please excuse my english, haven’t use the language for many years)

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The aforementioned BRÄDA is a great and cheap solution. I bought several of them and even DIY-combined one with a Zomo stand (the ones you can extend / tilt and where usually sold as CDJ stands).

It works great for laptops, Prime Go, Mixstream Pro and all kinda of production gear like MPC Live, Roland TR(S)-8 and MC-707. Sadly not for my Akai Force, where I had to find a different solution.


Google has failed me searching for it but does anyone remember that type of controller/laptop stand that looked like a shelf with X shapped support legs on each side? That would probably be a good pair for Prime GO

Ordered it! Thanks!


I bought 2 stick on flip down stands that attach to the bottom of the Go. They work awesome. Lifts the back up about 3” and one less thing to carry. Found them on Amazon for a few dollars.

Something like these: Portable Invisible Laptop Stand-2PCS,SUNTAIHO Mini Aluminum Cooling Pad,Computer Keyboard Mount Kickstand,Ergonomic Lightweight Laptop Desk Stand for MacBook Pro/Air, Lenovo,12-17 Inches Tablet&Laptop

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