Best remixes of popular songs?

Hi guys,

What are some of the best remixes of popular chart hits you’ve stumbled upon? Is there any site you can recommend which specifically focuses on those kind of tracks?

Hi, ich kann dir den Youtuber DJEkkiMusic( empfehlen. Er lädt regelmäßig komplette sets hoch. Es gibt viel verschiedenes Genres Handsup, Hardstyle, Bounce, House oder auch “Remix of popular songs”. Habe schon viele Remixe von dort.

Best Remixes Of Popular Songs 2021 | Music Mix 2022 | New Charts & Mash Ups | EDM Playlist - YouTube

Eine Plattform oder so etwas habe ich selber noch nicht gesehen. Da kann ich dir leider nicht weiterhelfen.

Ich hoffe das du wenigstens da ein paar Remixe findest die dir gefallen könnten.

Gruß Stefan

@r2square, I used to rely heavily on YouTube for that sort of thing but recommend allying yourself with a legitimate DJ Pool. Use something safe, secure and high quality in sound and content. ZIPDJ won’t disappoint, if you choose to go the pool route.

Totally seconded. Pay the producers. Messing with the YouTube can give unpredictable results… like Haddaway getting abducted by aliens (los Ovnis)… Hadaway gets abducted by los Ovnis

Otherwise, the top 3.

  • #3 Gimmie, Gimmie, Gimmie (a man after midnight) by The Leather Nun

  • #2 Confide In Me, by The Sisters Of Mercy

  • #1 Frank Sidebottom Salutes The Magic Of Queen (and Kylie Minogue) EP by Frank Sidebottom

This regular journey should be part of your DJ journey, not just asking other people for their snaps.

Yes, it takes longer , but allocate time to listen to a dozen variations/mixes of your 100 or so, new and old favs

Well done on gatekeeping.

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As opposed to cloning

Surely they’re cover version, not remixes?

In response to @r2square, define “best”. Also, what is your idea of “popular chart hits”?

What kind of remixes are you looking for? Hits from which chart? Old hits? New hits?

It would be helpful if you provided a few examples of what you regard as “good remixes of chart hits”.

Yes, you’re right, @PKtheDJ. I should have chosen this… or this

If you think that someone having access to the same records clones you, then that says more about you than them :slight_smile:

I’d happily give you my music collection to play, I’m sure I deliver better out of it.

The op is asking for your opinion on tracks, instead you’ve tried to berate them for trying to better their DJ skills.

(golf clap)


Thanks to everyone for the constructive responses so far.

Yeah, someone gave educational advice I didn’t ask for but there’s always this one guy and I’ve been hanging around the Internet long enough to take it with a smile.

I’ll post some examples of remixes I love later.

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