Best External Effects/Samplers

Hello Fellow Dj’s,

I would like to know Your opinion here about what is Your best external effects unit? Why do You like it? What features make it so special for You? What could be better in Your favorite FX unit?

In my opinion this is very personal, in my case I love the Pioneer EFX1000. Much more than the popular RMX1000. I love it because i use a lot the Pitch Echo effect, with the feedback at maximum and usually a decaying pitch. In addition, you can layer 2 effects at your choice, very fun to use and very intuitive. Awesome machine, very strange that no machine like this is getting manufactured anymore.

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Good, exactly that is the question - personal choice, and why. More we know - the better choices we can make.

Not to mention, EFX series works better with non-Pioneer mixers send/return

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Rc 505 loop station. Nuff said😎

I just get to do what ever I want with it.

What makes it so much stand out for You?

It’s one of the only few products you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

The live looping is unparalleled, it’s got unique fx and I can add a dj setup to it when I perform.

I stopped using computer software for making beats after I got the 505. The reason is that anything that I hear in my head I can easily reproduce on the loop station. On a computer I was wasting too much time looking to generate the imagined sound.

To sum it up short,

With the 505, I become the waveform generator, the rest on there is what you would expect find on a synth to tweak the waveforms and that’s how I mostly use it.

A touchscreen and auto tune would be great for the 505’s next iteration.


Sounds like a good sampler. Can You tell me a bit more about Your workflow? What is the delay for recording? Or is it instant?

I mostly use it for live looping and building tracks to rap over or remix. If I make anything good it gets imported into Reason for more work.

For Dj purposes I have the sends from my mixer going into the loop station and I output back into a channel (not the returns). You can chain 3 fx together when passing though or recording and 3 fx together after when playing back the recording. Think of it as a standalone remix deck.

It’s easy for me to time my loops on this thing and midi sync has been solid so far for building tracks.

The 505 is an old skool machine (16bit/44.1) and I use like an old skooler.

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Sounds good, I will do a deeper research about this one. Seen it already couple of times but never in detail. This looks very interesting for me.

Here’s how I usually use it


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Really cool performance, I wander what the pedal board is on that video…?

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Those are guitar fx units for his voice.

The drawback with the rc505 is the menu diving. I have a dual pedal to trigger certain things that I would’ve had to dive for or need more than 2 hands.

A little bit of Traktor history. When the loop recorder and sample decks came out it was based on how the loop station worked.

Here’s the traktor video. He uses the same foot pedal board for his voice here but it’s out of sight.

Back in the days traktor used to be magical.

I used Remix decks a lot, I still have 2 Kontrol F1’s, great tool for live looping and resampling a track that You play in the moment.

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To be honest you need skill to be able to use the unit as if one were to pick and choose at a buffet.

Now I’m I’m gonna show you how to get things done without any industry standard equipment. :joy:

Let’s see how much non industry standard equipment works and I will let you guys be the spotters. :joy:

Enjoy :wink:

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I am always happy to learn new stuff, that’s why my setup is always evolving. Nice one with Force and JFB on The Techs and Rane 72…

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The list can go on. The one thing anyone will notice that a lot of these sessions take place outdoors. And when indoors any gear not resembling what we need to use gets brushed aside without arguments. That’s our standard :joy:

The loop station is a good piece of gear and why you don’t see it tied much to dj’n is cause people prefer dedicated stuff to add to their setup and the loop station is not intended to work as an add on. It works beautifully when you add stuff to it. Who buys dj gear to use with their loop station?

One last video to beat this horse. This will show everything from menu diving, one shots, looping, layering samples and all the glory of the effects on the unit.

I practice and participate in these battles btw

The first guy is the defending champ.

This video I study a lot