Best bag for a couple of sc5000

Bought on ebay for less than € 120. Magma case is good but too heavy… This bag from BUBM fit perfectly and it s a pleasure to carry around ``


I just got the VUSC5000 ($150/each), but now you’re tempting me to return them.

EDIT: Is it actually bad for these to store them long term sideways? I always wondered that about cdjs/controllers etc.

@djbertie it depends on your needs, hard case are safer…but to move it requires 2 people…this bag is light and well build with removable protections inside.

Do you have a part number or link to this bag I cant find it?


Originally is for cdj 2000…

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these look pretty good

do you think the m version would fit in that bubm bag? also is the bag discontinued?

i have both: one UDG case and one BUBM, the are they good both. But it depends on where you have to go, i have magma case too.

The bag is very easy to move and sometimes is the best solution, because moving more than 40 kg alone, with magma case, it is simply a pain.

So i do like this:

  • if i m going to play one deck in a bar…UDG case + backpack with 2ch mixer
  • if i go not too far my home and i play 2 decks… BUBM + UDG for the mixer X1800
  • If i have to travel for many km… MAGMA CASE

Ps. the BUBM bag should fit for M too, and it seems to be discontinued