Beginner question: Connecting Prime 4 to speakers

Hello everyone,

I‘d like to buy Prime4 but have the following question, maybe someone can help me:

I own a 5.1 sound system which is connected to the speakers sections of my Denon AVR X2000. I would like to connect Prime4 to the AVR to hear the music I create in Prime 4 out of my speakers.

I cannot find an XLR input on AVR X2000. Can I connect via RCA (cinch) to hear sound? Which inputs on the AVR should I use? Will all speakers of the 5.1 system play sound?

Thank you so much in advance!

Best regards Marco

Yes, RCA will be good enough for You. If all 5.1 speakers will play? That depends on Your amplifier. If it makes a surround out of a stereo sound, then yes.

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Okay, thank you!!

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