Beginner DJ gear question

Hi All,

I’ve been interested in DJing ever since I started going for raves. I love psytrance and techno. After so much research, I have ordered my first dj gear which is on it’s way.

  1. Denon MC 4000 DJ controller
  2. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headphones.

Pardon my ignorance. I went through the user manual of Denon MC 4000 and I can see that it has 3 outputs as below


I have bose soundlink revolve plus bluetooth speaker, which has 3.5-mm auxiliary input.

I am planning to use my bose revolve plus for master output and mix using headphones.

2 questions.

  1. Would I be able to connect my bose speakers to the Denon MC 4000? What sort of cable would I need for that?

  2. Any beginner DJ’s course which would help me get started use Denon MC 4000 efficiently?


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Hi djsage, welcome to the forums.

To connect the MC4000 to your soundlink you will need a RCA to 3.5 mm cable such as this one here from Amazon.

There are lots of good beginner DJ resources to be found on Youtube such as Club Ready DJ School - don’t let the fact that he uses Pioneer gear put you off, the theory that he teaches can apply to most DJ gear.

Good luck with your new gear when you get it.


I’ve got a Bose Soundtouch 10 (previous generation Bose from a few years ago). Whilst it sounds great if you plug the output of a controller through it, there’s also a delay from the onboard processing, that makes it impossible to mix with.

This may have been improved on Bose’s more recent speakers, but if you get a similar delay to what i experienced, don’t be surprised.

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Was afraid of the same damn thing - delay. How to work around this? Would I be able to connect the balanced output (TRS, XLR) to my bose speaker instead of the unbalanced RCA?

Regarding the delay, don’t rely on the output of the speakers for mixing, use in ear monitors preferably or headphones. It really is that simple.

Same if you use Bluetooth speakers, don’t rely on the master out for mixing because of the delay, but using IEM’s or headphones is fine (and also allows you to protect your ears more).

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There’s no problem using speakers - as long as they don’t have tons of onboard processing (like Bose) and they’re wired, not Bluetooth.

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Which is the case here, which is why the recommendation is if you want to use the speakers, make sure not to use them for the actual mixing part due to the delay…

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