Beats to cue counter in Prime 4+ ? (like in SC6000M, Traktor, RecordBox)


I’m seriously interested in Prime 4+ and trying to learn as much as possible about this device before deciding to make a purchase. Currently, I’m trying to find information about the BEATS TO CUE option, available in both RecordBox and Traktor. Unfortunately, I don’t see anywhere that such an option is available to enable on the Prime 4+ screen. However, I have seen this option on the SC6000M screen, so it doesn’t seem like it’s something new for the Denon team.

And here comes the question - am I just looking in the wrong place, and can it be enabled in Prime 4+, or is such a function simply not available there?

If it’s not available, the question for the Denon team is: do you plan to implement this function for Prime 4+? I don’t hide that from my perspective and certainly from many others, it would be a significant advantage that would incline me towards purchasing the device - I heavily rely on this function while using Traktor now.

Thank you in advance for explaining the above.

For now that function is not there.

There is a feature request and therefore it may happen that one day it will be implemented. However, all this is not guaranteed, so if that function is vital for your use, then it is better to go for other models.

Id just like to add, well done for researching BEFORE you make the purchase, far too many times people push the button then head to forums to complain after the fact.

The only workaround i can think of is to use the overview waveform then some beat counting/phrasing knowledge to get an idea of when its approaching, not the same obviously but doable if you really want the device.

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The cue is always considered bar 1. You could place it in any position in a track, every bar before that will be shown in a negative number, which I suppose can be considered beats to cue. Then you could place one of the 8 hotcues in the beginning of the track to replace the regular cue. Maybe that helps?

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Hi! I also own the Prime 4+, and I also think that a beat/bar counter should be implemented, not for the entire grid ar all, but for the next or nearest hotcue placed ahead of the needle, so the dj can easily match the phrases of each song that is currently playing without the need to count bars mentally if those cue points are strategically placed for the purpose. I know how to count beats and bars, so the lack of this feature is not a problem, but having such a tool could probably be a time saver by reducing the risk of human error and allowing the dj to spend the time saved in other tasks with the unit.

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I fully agree, especially since Denon has already developed a similar solution for other hardware. Therefore, I assume it’s just a matter of organizing the screen layout. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the implementation of this feature in the next Engine OS update.