Beatport loading issues since v2.2 update

Hi all, Ever since updating my Prime 4 to the latest V2.2, ive been having constant Beatport connection issues. It fails to load playlists, fails to load tracks, and gets stuck fetching track info. It’ll work sometimes, and then again sometimes will stop midway into a set with the above happening. The internet and connection are all ok, as theres even a wifi booster right next to the Prime. Tidal, so far seems ok.

Any suggestions? Thanks :+1:t2:

Have you tried plugging the controller directly into the WiFi extender with an Ethernet cable? That would give you a better connection and could give an idea on the origin of the issue.

If the Prime 2 is okay when plugged in via Ethernet, it could be the WiFi in the unit has glitched or the signal is having issues.

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Hi, thanks for the reply :+1:t2:

Unfortunately, as its Virgin media, the ‘extender’ is one of those useless plug in pod things. Id have to move the Prime 4 to a different room entirely where the hub is located to do that, which where its located, wouldnt be easy.

  • ill try, but if it does work, its not something i can sustain, and the wifi feature was one of the main usp’s for me.

Ive never had a problem using Beatport or Tidal (which ive now found doesnt work either) streaming via wifi, from either my home network, or out and about using my phone as a mobile hotspot. This is purely since update v2.2. Its as though the update has either lessened the range and power of the onboard wifi antenna, or ruined the wifi buffer memory.

Ive attempted contacting denon support, but heard nothing.

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There is a new update today.

Did you try that to see if it fixes it

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If there is an update, my Prime isnt showing it. It says its up to date on V2.2 only as of half an hour a go…