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Hi I’m trying to add my Beatport link account to my prime 4 controller but because my friend added his free trial to show me how good it was I can’t input my details to activate my own account on there. Every time I click the Beatport link it tries to load it up then goes back to the select source screen.

Thanks for reading and any help would be appreciated.

If you look at the bottom left corner of the Beatport login screen do you see a icon in the shape of a cog?

You can usually logout from there and login with your own details.

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Thanks for your reply mate but this doesn’t solve my issue Im looking to login to a new beatport account on my denon prime 4.

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How does it not solve the issue?

Before you can log in to a new account, you need to log out of the existing one (your friend’s free trial).

Because when i click the beatport link icon it doesn’t load up for me to press the settings button to sign out of my friends account. It stops whatever music I’m playing and then says engine os ( as if my prime for is resetting it self) and then goes back to the main select source screen.

Thank you for your reply what you said to try works with my tidal account but for some reason not my beatport link.

Hey @Mykevz

Are you updated to Prime OS 1.5.2?

I had a this issue before on my Prime 4 and updating fixed it. I think this happens with expired Beatport trials that are still logged in.

From memory, if A Beatport trial expires and the Prime 4 is logged in, I got a reboot when I tried to sign out. Updating the firmware fixed it for me.

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@MrWilks That could actually be the problem after speaking to my friend today the account that was logged in to my prime 4 was a trial which has now run out.

I am However running the latest update tho so il have to look in to reinstalling it if that is possible and see if that works. Thank you for your reply and help on this matter. :+1:

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We had a similar “subscription end = reboot” bug report during beta testing, so I think the only option is to wait for the next firmware release or to extend the subscription to solve it.

What about a reset to default factory settings?

Could be an option.

@PKtheDJ Iv just tried to reseat the factory settings and even reinstalling the newest version and still no joy.

@Reese Looks like il have to just wait until a new update comes along. Thanks guys for ur help anyways

I’m having the same issue. Frustrating cause beatport link keeps crashing the prime after trying to sign in. Someone else has their account in it (bought second hand) and there’s no way for me to log out or fix it.

@jahjah1 Iv tried everything I can but still no luck with this issue. I’m just gonna wait until a new update comes out and hopefully that will solve the issue.

Having the same problem after I changed my Beatport e-mail address.

I’ve tried - Wiping my storage devices Re-installing firmware all the way back to 1.3.2 and all the way back up again one version at a time using both the PC method, and .img file method on a USB Factory reset after each of the above

It just crashes when I choose Beatport as a source and saves a core dump file.

I was not even on the beta, I was running the stable 1.5.2

I’ve sent the coredump to support.

The controller is basically useless to me at the moment, as I’d dived deep on using Beatport and Beatport playlists as my music source for home DJing.

Very disappointed and hope this can be addressed soon. Otherwise I’ll be returning it, luckily I’m renting it.