Beatport Link with Prime 4


With firmware 1.4.1, I only have access to the TIDAL platform in streaming. I am a BEATPORT subscriber and would like to use BEATPORT Live with my Denon Prime 4.

When will I be able to access it? thanks for your answer.

Regards, Laurent

Denon never say when. One day you’ll visit the forum and there’ll be a post up, saying the next firmware version is available to download and that’s how we all find out.


It is slightly irritating. I bought a Prime 4 to enjoy this functionality and feel a little short changed. DENON please can you reply with a reply if this is this year? You must have a product roadmap.



Hi @JimmyP, welcome to the forum!

Have a look around and search anything you could come up with.

See my reply here:

“Rolling out summer 2019” they said (and it still says). Here we are a year later…

Anyone order a cuckoo clock :mantelpiece_clock:? Lol

It’s realistic to think that each streaming service brought into the prime ecosystem is going to need timely co-operation from each different streaming supplier.

Features like the searching API, and especially the whole song downloading as a single file almost instantly from the streaming service, instead of slowly trickling into a player a few seconds ahead of the playback marker, could all be really different operations for the streaming services. Each streaming service could be having to overcome their own new issues for this, at their own pace.

I just re-read the article and in fact Denon DJ have neither given themselves any timeline for completion and therefore haven’t missed any “deadlines”

The article which you linked to says

“ With roll-out starting Summer 2019, Denon DJ will integrate the next sequence of streaming partners and associated services into the Prime Series hardware via firmware updates.”

The roll-out did indeed start in summer 2019, with Tidal starting everything off.

Yes, indeed it does say that. But that’s just one small section of text buried within the whole article.

There are other sections that use words/phrases like “will soon be enabled” (who defines “soon” as over a year?), “will now be able to access…” (with “now” being when exactly?), “now engaged”, “right here, right now” etc. etc.

Lots of use of the word “now” there. Clearly Denon works on a much slower world clock than the rest of us.

Great. Now we’re all equally in the know.