Beatport Link will not connect on Prime 4 but working fine on Prime Go

I cannot get Beatport Link to login on my Prime 4, but testing it on my Prime Go it works fine.

The issue is that I get this message that says it cannot connect to the internet, however WIFI is working fine, all other apps including Tidal connect fine, and my Prime Go which I am testing with it sitting right next to the Prime 4 is connecting to Beatport Link fine.

I have updated my Prime 4 to the latest version which is 2.3.2 and there’s no change it is still not logging me in and showing me this message.

My Prime Go is still on 2.1.1 because I rarely use it and am reluctant to update as every time I have updated in the past I experienced some kind of issue after the update.

Has anyone come across this and know what the issue is with my Prime 4, I really need to get Beatport Link working?

Any ideas anyone, really struggling to work this out. I have messaged Denon support directly and Beatport directly, no reply as of yet!

I’ve a same problem with Beatport Link & Beatsource Link. Engine DJ OS 2.3.2. SC5000 Prime and SC5000M Prime Tidal, Dropbox and Soundcloud works great. Come on Denon guys let’s do something

Is the issue for you on the Prime 4? Do you get the same error message I posted in the photo above about not connecting to the internet?

I have a Prime 2 unit and I’m having the exact same issue. I’ve gone through all the support forums, resetthe unit, checked wifi settings, connected LAN cable directly and even tried Hotspotting and I get the same error… Very frustrating considering I just renewed mt beatport link subscription

Forgot to mention that this is after upgrading to 2.3.2

Has anyone received and luck on this? @luke_gray Did this happen after your subscription expired? My card changed and my subscription ran out. After I added a new card and started my subscription back up it won’t let me log in.