Beatport Link on SC6000 and HotCue saving

Hi to all, I recently bought a pair of Denon SC6000 Prime, and I registered my account on beatport link. After Beatport Link login on media player, I can see my edited playlists on the web. If I set some hot cues and loops on my tracks, they remain active until I turn off the media player. Is there a way to save my hot cues locally on a pen drive? I have seen that if I use the streaming service on Recordbox or Virtual DJ, my hot cues remain stored locally even after restarting the software. I would be happy to see this feature on Engine too. Thanks a lot for your help Bye!

Hi @Italo_Michetti welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

Yes, data such as hot cues will be saved to the database on the source storage device you select when booting the player.

i.e. start the player, select the source storage, then select the streaming service.