Beatport Link on prime Go not showing played tracks

Hi, Does anyone has this issue? I am mostly a Beatport Link user. When I mix Beatport Link playlists on my Prime Go the system does not show the played ttracks. It should as suggested by a user turn green but they do not. Well just the two uploaded and then they go back to the normal color. I found this very tricky and the only way around is to play one after the other in order but obviously not ideal. Is it a software issue or it is not been implemented yet Many thanks

I just came here as I found the same thing with my SC6000’s: Using Beatport Link (not sure about the other streaming services), played state doesn’t function as expected.

In my case, I am seeing tracks turn green after they are played, but the played state isn’t shared across the decks.

This makes it tough to quickly recall what you already played.

It sure seems like it just hasn’t been implemented yet within Engine OS.

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Hi Ryan I have solved the issue on the Primo go by inserting the SD card. Not sure exactly why it worked but it did.

maybe because decks storage is need so the other deck can access the info that some track has been played? makes sense


You need an SD card or USB selected to store play states and other performance data eg hotcue, loops (so next time you play the same stream tracck -from the same service - that data is recalled)

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Oh duh. You guys are probably right.

Even though I have an SSD in the player and an SD card AND USB, the players always pop up that message about saving state unless I first select one of those devices and THEN select Beatport link as a source.

I think I glossed over it last time.

There’s an issue here then - the devices really shouldn’t allow the user to select Beatport (etc) without having first chosen storage.

Actually, where does the cached data get stored if the user hasn’t selected SSD/USB/SD? Is it just in RAM?

Not everyone wants to keep the data. Both options are valuable…play with or without storage.

The device already informs one that no data will be kept if no storage is selected when a stream service gets selected. User has to dismiss the warning (thats how it is on my unit).

user error

once you cycle power …its flushed.

By “cached data” I mean the streamed audio.

Ah ok. I dont know.

Perhaps same storage space that local files get cached to

I have noticed that when a drive is ejected (music still continues)

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