Beatport link log in problem on Prime Go

Hi, Just got a free month on streaming from beatport however when I try to log in, system says ‘log in error : check your internet connection’. I’m definatley conncted to wifi and tidal log in works. Ive done a factory reset but nothing. Any ideas?

Might be a good idea to not spam the forum. :man_shrugging:

Please enlighten me as to how this spam? I have probelm with my prime go and beatport linknas mentioned above & looking for some help.

I think he meant opening a separate topic after already posting a comment in two existing ones, makes it really annoying to read the forum for other users.

Since your unit has no issues working with Tidal that excludes a hardware problem and since there isn’t a mass reporting of issues with Beatport with Denon hardware it is safe to say this is not related to DenonDJ but with Beatport.

It is advisable to use this logic with ANY troubleshooting so you’re not “barking up the wrong tree”.

Anyway, to help you a bit: quick google search found in the top 5 results this info: Since you did not mention where you got a free month of streaming from Beatport we do not know what your plan is but this sounds like it could be your problem:
“Beatport Essential, this plan does not support DJ software integrations. Access to Beatport in any DJ software requires an Advanced or Professional subscription. You will need to upgrade your subscription in order to access Beatport streaming in your DJ software.”

From my memory, DenonDJ gave to first owners 2 months of free Beatport plans and 1 month you mention doesn’t sound like you got it with the purchase of Prime Go.

OK sorry I’m new on here so a middle aged noob lets say :smiley:

Looks like I’ve made a fundamental error. I’ve signed up to the essential package via beatport which I mistakenly thought gave me access to streaming on prime go. i’ll try and switch to middle tier. thanks for you responce, patience and input, appreciated. I’ll also delete the thread shortly.

Better thing to do would be to mark my previous post as solution and to copy a link to it into the other topics you posted previously.

That way any other user having the same issue and getting the temptation to post the familiar “I have the same problem, did you found the solution” post will see it.

Enjoy your Prime Go and I strongly recommend to use downloaded tracks with it, streaming has and will have limitations that do not allow for full user experience if you rely on it.


done & thanks :smiley: