Beatport Link - Invalid Subscription?

Whenever attempting to load a track using Beatport Link firmware 1.6.0

Just double check that’s the streaming quality is set to the correct quality for the plan that you’ve paid for. I had this too as it defaults to the 256 option and if you’ve paid for the 192 I had this same error.

It’s done in the settings for Beatport (the cog on the bottom left of the screen).

Hope it helps.

I have a Pro+ plan.

Figured it out. I goofed and logged into my Beatport account with the same login as my Beatsource account. Apparently you can log in to your beatport account with your beatsource credentials. Swapped to the correct username and fixed the issue.

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Yeah, they are shared. Glad you’re all sorted.

Now only if you could just have one subscription for both instead of paying for two separate subscriptions.

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