Beatport Link categories not loading

Hey guys,

When I login to Beatport Link using my SC5000’s, my wifi is finally running properly, but when I try to click on “Top 100 Tracks” or “Latest Tracks” to load the genre categories, it just keeps saying “updating” and never shows anything. The only available function I have is to do a mass search with the search eyeglass. When I try to click on one of those categories, nothing loads.

Anyone else experiencing this and is there a fix?


Does the issue currently still occur? I experience somewhat slower load times of the lists than usual, but the problem seems to be on Beatport side. The message shown says ’ Waiting for Beatport Link ’ in orange after the updating message. Ultimately, the lists do show.

At the same time, Tidal’s lists load super fast

I wait and wait and wait and nothing happens. Nothing loads. No genre categories or anything. The only thing I can do is search using the magnifying glass. Really ■■■■■ and don’t know what to do.