Beatport Link BPM detection with Prime GO issue

I noticed that on the Prime Go, when using Beatport Link service, does not analyse BPM but rather uses the BPM metadata that is given by Beatport. This throws off the whole beat grid.

The problem is that many Beatport songs don’t have the correct BPM in it’s metadata, I checked.

Therefore by using the BPM from Beatport instead of analysing them, the Prime Go just has the wrong BPM for many songs and cannot be corrected in Engine OS.

I tested the same songs that had the wrong BPM, purchased them and put them on a USB key…and the Prime Go detected the correct BPM!

The solution is that the Prime GO should analyse Beatport’s tracks’ BPM instead of relying on the Beatport metadata. They probably implemented this to save time I guess……

I tested the same tracks in Rekorbox and Beatport’s DJ app and they analysed them correctly. Even Beatport’s own app analyses the tracks correctly instead of relying on their own metadata!!!

Please fix this and the Prime Go will be 10x better for streaming.

Names of tracks so you can test yourself : Dubfire feat. Miss Kitten – Exit (Original Mix) Radio Slave – Feel the same (DJ Koze Edit)



Go give this a heart react. I have the same issue. I play DnB and Jungle mostly, and it’s a huge issue.


Same with Beatsource and Soundcloud


EASY FIX @Denon, just let the Engine OS do its job and analyze BPM from streaming services instead of relying on the predetermined BPM which is often wrong!

The original idea was a noble one to save time, but since we can’t adjust BPM on the device itself this needs to be fixed.



Same problem with Rekordbox exports. This is why after exporting a Rekordbox playlist from VirtualDJ, i put it into the Prime Go to import the Rekordbox library, then i put it back into my laptop and open Engine Prime to re-analyze all tracks because many beatgrids are off or the wrong BPM, and then i put it back into the Prime Go and everything is fine.

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Has there been any update on this? I have some trance tracks that must be tagged wrong on Beatport ie 101 BPM but then if you play them on Beatport link web app it will reanalyze it to 138bpm; however when you open Beatport link on the Prime Go it brings the wrong BPM (way out) and it doesn’t see, to re-analyse or allow for manual adjustment so the tracks are pretty much useable.

Visually it looks like its doing something like picking up 5 or 6 kick drums per bar rather than 4.

Any advice? I know that if I purchsed the tracks from Beatport and analysed them in MixedInKey then import to Engine etc then it would be fine but at the moment this is just a hobby from home and I am subscribing to Beatport Link so it would be a lot better if the tracks could be re-analysed by the hardware or allow for a manual over ride.


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