Beatport LINK and Beatsource LINK are giving away a 2 MONTH FREE trial

Surely you too have received the email from Denon DJ announcing this:

Beatport LINK and Beatsource LINK are giving away a 2 MONTH FREE trial for each streaming service for all Denon DJ owners. To claim, simply register your product on [] and check the special offers.

So we can finally get 2 months free for these streaming providers. :heart_eyes:

Thanks Denon! :+1: :muscle:


I got an email about it too but can’t see it on the registered products page, redeemed tidal last month and soundcloud but cannot see these 2! AND I WANT THEM!! :grinning:

Sometimes for those who have already registered the product for some time past, the coupon appears after a few days.

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Can anyone else confirm this? I’m still waiting

Yes, I have it.

I’m still waiting - can anyone from Denon tell us what’s going on with this???

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Weak. Have you used any other offers before? I submitted a ticket to Denon but haven’t heard back yet. Sent a message on IG also. Still nothin…

So I’ve only used tidal and soundcloud so far but have never ever used beatsource or beatport with or without a trial. Had the email for the 2 month trial 4 days ago now but nothing. Thing is I’m actually interested in beatsource but want to check it out first via the trial.

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same with me!!!

It’s the one I’m probably most interested in

Yes, I used Tidal and Soundcloud.

Maybe I’ll try using the SoundCloud one

Still haven’t had my trial :rage:

I’m going back to this topic, to find out if any of you used Denon’s code to test both streaming providers: I used the code on Beatport, and it worked. But the code for Beatsource, which is the same as for Beatport, doesn’t work because it gives the message that the code has already been used. :frowning_face:

So my question is: was the code valid for Beatport OR Beatsource, or was the code valid for Beatport AND Beatsource?

Here is the sad response received from Beatsource:

These coupon codes are single-use, and can be used for Beatport OR Beatsource. Once you have used a coupon code for an extended free trial, you cannot use another coupon code on this account. Additionally, as the coupon code is single-use, you cannot use the same code again.

So the code can be used to get only ONE of the two services, while if you read on the Denon DJ website, where you got the code, it can be interpreted that the code is valid for both services.

That’s strange because for me the coupon worked for both but that was around 7 months ago. They may have changed it now.

Could it be that you signed up for both platforms on the same day? So the two subscriptions flowed in parallel?

I think you’re right, I used the code to activate both at the same time.

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