Beatport and beatsource use

Hi. Just got a new Denon prime 4 which allows me 2 months of free Beatport and beatsource,so I sign in on both using the 2 month link,but when i went to load tracks,they all fail,do i have to give them my credit card info even on free trial for the tracks to load normally? Ty.

What worked for me is changing the quality in the settings for the streaming service.

When you log into Beatport or Beatsource you’ll see a small cog in the bottom left. This allows you to change the streaming quality.

If you have a trial of the lower quality subscription plan then set it to the matching bitrate (192 I think).

Hopefully that helps.

Thanks,but that wasn’t what i asked for.

If they als for a creditcard, I think you have fill up this info. Otherwise they can’t charge you after the months free periode.

Greetings, Stefan

I didn’t spot anything about credit card when I replied. I thought that you had a problem getting your trial to work after you’d fully signed up.

So yeah, I believe you have to. There is a few tiers. If you go for the cheaper option I know that the Prime units defaulted to the higher bitrate and the tracks wouldn’t load properly (did what you described). Change the setting for the tier of the trail that you take out. I know that as the case before.

Hopefully it works.

I see now,make sense. Thank you very much my friend for this info. I’ll try to do that with the beat eate decrease,just to see how the whole thing works before i sign up with beatsource.

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