Beat Matching and Strange BPM issues

Hi All had my prime 4, 3 days now. Each time i go on them, the beat matching as crazy issues, say am mixing a track, i have the beat match bang on, slight knock of the jog and its all over the place. Happens on both decks. Randomly the BPM also changes slightly like from 150.0 to like 150.6. Sync is OFF, ive tried this tons of times and my mates have had a go and they say same.

I loaded identical tracks side by side and hit play. I took one out of sync slightly a tiny nudge out… Tried getting it back on sync and it took alot of backwards and forwards movements, like nearly 2 full turns to get it back.I have done a video of it… where can I upload it? Ive reset the prime 4 and still the same. Does it on all tracks, its a real fight getting it in sync… My RX2s work no hassle and i had a sc5000 and 1800 kits round the over day and they work fine.

Have I got a fault or is it settings. ?

Prime 4 Fault.mp4 (3.4 MB)

I’ve seen your videos several times and I have not managed to fully understand the problem, but in the the SC5000s in the PRIME4, the sensitivity of nudging forward is twice the sensitivity when nudging backwards.

Say you have two tracks beat-matched. You push the platter forward 30 degrees - it goes out of sync. To put it back in sync you’ll need to grab the jog backwards 60 degrees, not just 30 like in any other deck with jog wheels.

Still seems to be an issue, if it takes twice as much to get it back on beat.

Hoping many of the Engine Prime and hardware issues can be worked out via updates.

A lot of users dislike that behaviour. There was a feature request asking to change that.

Probably a silly question, but I assume you have your pitch settings to around 4% or 8% and haven’t accidentally been set at say 50% or 100% whereby the tinyest movement of the pitch fader will cause bigger jumps in BMP?

@pops seems to be playing “B.O.B ft Bruno Mars - Nothing On You (N-Vision Remix)” at 155bpm. Originally it seems to be 142bpm; so about 9% speed increase. By looking at the location of the pitchfader it seems to be at speed range +/-10%.

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haha no ■■■■ sherlock haha no its doing it on all tracks. Its just a bit wired compared to the pioneers. Saying that we had a x1800 and a SC5000 setup the other day and I had no issues at all. It does it on most tracks am sometimes scared to adjust it mid mix in case it jumps out

The forwards and backwards travel on the jogwheel of the SC is also asynchronous. Reticuli made already a request to have that synchronous or preference selectable (more like Pioneer, I guess).

Seems the Prime4 is the same, but that wouldn’t explain why you experience a difference opposite the SC’s. I have no answer on that.