Beat markers

I wish I could put in beat markers. Completely independent of buttons on any player. I would use these to mark where I want to be able to mix OUT from. Unlike a Cue marker which I want to be able to use to START from. A beat marker could have a flag down. While the Cue marker has a flag up. Even the bar marker must be able to be tagged with any custom text.


I’ve also been thinking about additional marker abilities in addition to the actual hot cues. But iam sure you have to create a feature request for this.

I found one which requests a more deep version of it:

Iam sure a seperate feature request for additional marker / flag abilities would be create.

Why not just use cue points as markers? Just because they are called one thing doesn’t mean it can’t function as something else. 3 cues in my tracks are start cue, where to start mixing cue and cut cue where you cut the track out.

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That’s a great idea. Make use of what’s already there.

That’s what I’m doing today. But neither of them is enough. Neither in nor out. When, for example, I make to be able to do vocal or instrumental “Cue play”, the buttons and possibilities soon run out.

The greatest mystery of all! Why do other DJs have to tell other DJs what is good or bad. What they need or not. This seen from the perspective of how they play themselves. If I want and wish for a function, then this is up to me, based on my playing style and needs. If you don’t need or want it, that’s fine by me!

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Then there’s a voting form which you can fill out on the forum, where other forum users can add one of their 10 forum user votes.

If submitted on the request form, it may get lots of votes, if it’s something which appeals to lots of other users. If you submit a request form then I hope you get lots and lots of votes.

It would be good to suggest how any more than 8 cues could be accessed. Obviously pads 1 thru 8 correspond to cues 1 thru 8.

Modifier wise, SHIFT and Cue Pad buttons 1 thru 8 is a combo already in use (it deletes the cue associated with the pressed pad)

Perhaps a good solution would be that they will implement in the desktop software the possibility of making visible marks on the waveform, but not editable from the hardware (since we do not have Cué memory buttons like in Pioneer), this way you could prepare your marks at home and then watch them on your DJ equipment. Currently I use loop signals, that is, I make a loop for the intro and another loop for the outtro, and that way I visually see when I want to do the mix, it is not ideal but given I don’t use all the loops, it’s the best I can do to see the marks I have created at home

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