Beat Jump Software Setting


I came here to share a idea and maybe this also can be a request of some sort?

The idea is simple, create a setting in the software that would alow the user to change the action of pitch-bend hardware knobs for beat jump knobs (on the gear that doesn’t have physical beat jump knob, so that people that don’t use pitch bend can find a new purpose for those knobs!

Hope this helps the community in something! :blush:


Think the lack beat jump is the only thing stopping the mixstream pro/go being perfect :cry:

Indeed, I use the beat jump feature all the time on my other controllers and never use the pitch bend buttons. I’d really love it if the beat jump parameters could be set on the touch screen, and the pitch bend buttons could be used to do said jumping. The lack of beat jump is the one thing (for me) that keeps me from using the Pro Go as my main controller.

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Yeah, Numark get yo s*** together please