Beat Jump size selection in 2.3.0

Hello, I just install the 2.3.0 version on my 2 SC6000M, everything works great so far.

But I got a question about the beat jump size selection, I’m sure this new feature was requested by some, but I can’t be the only one who were happy the way it was.

Is it possible to go back to the way it was with the loop encoder ? I don’t mind if it change the loop size at the same time, but it’s less ergonomic for me to use the shift+beat jump to change the size instead of just turning an encoder.

Or is there a way to go back to the previous version ?



Second this thread, I need a copy of the 2.2.2 image for sc5000m if someone can provide a link. At least make this an option you can turn off, its going to prevent me from updating if this stays on the current patches. I’ve been testing with it for hours and its not efficient for quick and precise beat jumps.


Able to find the link and go back to 2.2.2 just to confirm from the denon downloads page. STILL this should be an option, not a forced feature.


Just played around 30 minutes with 2.3.0 and I’m happy to see I’m not the only one with this problem.

A feature that keeps the loop and beat jump size synced would be greatly appreciated! :wink:


Wasn’t happy with this yesterday, but tried to approach it with an open mind today to see if I could get accustomed to the new way. After 2 hours it caught me out a few times. I’ve tried to get used to it, but I just don’t like it at all.


I got the same feeling… not happy at first, but it will get used working with it… that is my personal workflow opinion…

BUT: My problem with this is that the top plate states to perform ‘Search’ while it’s actually changing beat jump size. Very confusing for users who physically look at the hardware and are then presented with different behavior. Search now been moved to track skip.

Someone who rents equipment (familiar with the equipment or not) must be able to assume that it works as described on the device itself.

So as user I follow the logic of the changes, and might even prefer them. But company wise I rather have the swap (between skip and beat jump) available in the safety menu and OS to work as expected by default. This way everyone could be happy


Glad to see I’m not the only one, I didn’t want to sound like a grumpy dude who can’t enjoy when there’s finally an update :slight_smile:

I test it for a few hour too, the problem for me beside (the muscle memory that need to be relearn) is that I want to be able to choose the size using only one hand. The proximity of the shift allow me to do that but in a rush or when not consciensly thinking about it, I can “miss” the shift button with my finger, and accidentaly make the track jump when I just wanted to change the size (it happens a few time during my test, when I wanted to switch from 32 beat to 4 but instead made a backward jump of 32)

It’s not really a big problem as you can still jump back to the position (it can sounds weird, but people will not necessary notice), but the problem is that we had something good and they change it without the possibility for those who didn’t want that change to keep the original way

Hope they’ll quickly do a 2.3.1 with this little addition :slight_smile:

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I was nailed to the floor when i encountered this … Doing some combo’s at home and i needed a beat jump/loop… and boom flow got killed because the method’s is really counteractive this way.

i realy went for it with an open mind but i just can’t find the reason of changing the beat jump feature from what it was to what it is atm…

it would be perfect if we could get the option to activate that original workflow again!

Yeah. Not sure what Denon was thinking with this feature but it ■■■■■.

Why would anybody request this feature it slows down workflow and is pointless is there any logical explanation as to why this has been implemented into the update.

Im not happy with This new feature

Im going to downgrade 2.2.2

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I like it better this way. Separating loop and beat jump size makes a lot of sense to me, and having the beat jump size set by the beat jump buttons is much clearer to me than using the loop encoder.

So for my workflow it works better.


I agree with you here. Beat Jump and Auto Loop are two different things. If I wanted two different lengths for beat jump and auto loop, it is the same amount of steps anyway so I don’t see the issue here.


I would like a check box :ballot_box_with_check: in the settings to link Beat Jump to Loop Size. This way the new method and the old method can both be used and make everybody happy with their preferred workflow


The issue is not the separation in the 2 function, for me the issue is more about the choice they make for this separation.

The fact that it use the shift button + another buton to change a parameter that I could change with just a knob before that is not an improvement for me. I get that it’s better for some, but the option to keep the original workflow would be great.

I’m an ex Traktor user, and on the S4MK3 I had, the beatjump was also linked to the loop size (both with their own encoder) and it was great for quick access. On the Denon player, I find great to find that similar workflow, where I can quickly change the beatjump size and have my hand ready to beat jump quickly when it’s the right time. With the new change, it’s not as easy as it take more time to clic 2 buttons than turning one knob, and also if you miss the shift, you do the beatjump instead of just changing the size. It happen really easily if you do stuff in emergency (which is part of why I use the beatjump sometime)

No problem with those who like the new workflow, we just want the choice, just a checkbox in the options and everyone will be happy :slight_smile:


I definitely get you. Really they should have their own designated knobs, but obviously, that is not an option. Having the screen be more usable would be a start they could add autoloop and beatjump on the screen. Pioneer seems to know how to take advantage of screen real estate.

But, people with the old workflow will say the same about how you want it. It’s annoying that they have to keep twisting the knob back and forth when they can set it one time for each. So Denon said ok we’ll improvise. It just takes some getting us to, unfortunately.

This is also an issue for me, the new way it absolutely awful.

Why also did they go for Shift + Track Skip? Why not Shift + Turn the knob?

It’s absolutely awful now.

At least let us set the standard jump to 64. Why you can only set it to 32 is beyond me when you can skip 64 on the players…

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Because shift + turn the knob moves a loop, which is also an important feat for some :wink:

For the rest of it, +1, I liked it too the way it was: turn the knob to set loop size and beat jump size. My muscle memory is programmed this way by using Traktor, plus, my OCD says that shift+beatjump does something else, going by the label…

If some want to press shift+track skip, then make that an option.

lol it was simple… TURN THE KNOB why changing the original features??

If they add stuff … well imo new or alternative features is SHIFT+…

DON’T change the winning team… Make alternatives ok but DO NOT force-change your dealmakers…

How well it’s a Denon thing i got used to tho’. Sold my prime 4 Kept my prime GO Bought a Pioneer XDJ-XZ

Rekordbox workflow is still way more on point although Pioneer customers never get feedback or make requests happen (untill they upgrade gear…)

Yes, but I wanted to make you aware that “shift + turn the knob” is already taken by a function, which is quite dear to some, including yours truly :wink:


Make it go away! I want them linked with the knob, too!