Beat Jump Size / Length

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Can anyone help me with changing the beat jump size? is it even possible? I’m new to Denon and coming from my last Pio’ setup I was use to having the ability to beat jump 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8 all the way to 64 beats but it seems all that can be done with the Denon is just one beat :frowning:

I’ve searched through setting/preferences and cannot find anything … Perhaps I’ve missing something obvious?

Help appreciated …

it is mentioned in the manual on page -9-:

  1. Auto Loop/Loop Move: Turn this knob to set the size of an automatic loop. The value will be shown in the main display and platter display. Press this knob to activate or deactivate an automatic loop at the current location of the track. Tip: You can assign auto loops to pads in Manual Loop Mode. See Operation > Performing > Pad Modes for more information. Press and hold Shift and turn this knob to shift the active loop to the left or right.
  2. Beat Jump: Press either of these buttons to skip backward or forward through the track. Use the Auto Loop knob to determine the beat jump size. Press and hold Shift and then press one of these buttons to search backward or forward through the track.

I hope you will be able to manage to find the 2 button’s on the players.

Thanks for the reply,

I have it working though I find it’s workflow awkward being that I was use to dedicated buttons to select however many beats I wished to jump. The process which Denon have this setup seems slow and not ideal for jumping the beat on the fly at different lengths. Having to reset the length by the process Denon have set is not ideal.

I think it would be better if it could be assigned to the pads or on screen.

I don’t understand what you mean by “awkward workflow”. On the screen, for me, would be awkward.

The size of beat-jump is related to auto loop length which is showing on screen all the time. You can change it with the auto-loop knob. The length value is even shortly visible on the center screen when changed.

If your track is ending, this is faster than going through the screen buttons of a Pio. But that’s my opinion.

Because what if I wish to skip back 8 beats and then a beat later skip forward 2 then back 4. How is holding down the loop knob to set lengths on the fly better or an easier workflow than dedicated pad buttons.

Surely if you could assign the 8 pads on the Sc5000 for beat jump this would be much easier.

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Ah yes understood!

But if you don’t mind, you will not see me at one of your performances. I would otherwise get a “syntax error” in my brain. :smile:

I’m sure some of my Hard House & Hardcore Rave mixes could blue screen many :smile:

So no way to assign pads to beat jump? or perhaps an external midi device? like Pio’ XP1 / SP1’s

I use beatjump regularly. Youll get your muscle memory down faster than you think. One click on the encoder per interval.

i completely agree, i have a prime go, which is even harder to navigate, and when i turn the auto loop size down , the jum stays at 4 no matter what i do its always at 4, i find if im 1 beat out of synch, its a nightmare to jump one bet to synch it up. i too have come from pioneer and used the beat jump all the time. anyone clear how to change beat jump on the go because im not …

Now You got my attention. Throw in a mix in dedicated section, I would like to listen it.