Beat jump issue on SC5000

I sometimes have a beat jump delay or more accurately a very brief silence when beat-jumping.

This happens whether quantize is on or off when I am beat-jumping in a track. Lets say for example a 32 beat jump of phrase. It probably happens 10-20% of the time but doesn’t appear to be attributed to anything in particular, unless I am missing a setting that needs changing

It’s not giving me the confidence to use in a live performance unfortunately. Happens on both players so I am fairly confident it’s more of a software issue.

Has anyone else seen this?

I used to get that until i went up to a faster hard drive. I had an old hard drive with a rotation speed of about 4000rpm or 4500rpm and I noticed that if I jumped big jumps while the drive was still loading in the track to the 5000 then the track jumping caused a silent gap for a fraction of a second. If I loaded the track, waited say 10 seconds for the drive to finish loading and the drive activity LED to go out then I could beat jump around the track all over the place with no pauses.

I went up to a 7800rpm hard drive with a big cache, about 32mb i think, and its great i only need to wait a second or so after loading from that drive before I can jump any size jumps through tracks with no silient gaps.