Beat Jump function gone after 2.3.2 update

At least for me, anyone else and does it just need to be reported? Also, after powering off while plugged to power, a/c power mode light doesn’t light up.

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Haven’t visited in a while have you? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a known problem (beat jump) and hopefully has a fix incoming.

Don’t know about the light. Sorry!

You’re right, I haven’t visited in a while. I appreciate your response and thanks for going easy on me.

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I have the same issue as well since updating to 2.3.2 along with not able to connect to any wifi network. Engine DJ will someone please to response to address these issues seriously. This should be an emergency hot fix to resolve these core issues. I’m a software developer and i don’t understand on how this release was pushed without being properly unit tested and regression tested before releasing to the public! I’m extremely upset with the lack of response from your support. I have the Prime 4 and a go

Yes, it baffles me about the lack of testing before releasing the latest update. Or why a feature that has always works now doesn’t. I wasn’t aware of the wi-fi issue. My Go connects to my home wi-fi fine but I haven’t tried it with a previously known good public wi-fi network. I will do that today. Good luck with help. I feel for you.