Beat jump brief silence?

Just got my Prime 4, and I am stoked. Love this machine!

I’ve noticed that beatjump function sometimes introduce a short silence, it’s pretty jarring. Seems to happen more when moving backwards.

Is this a known issue? I read another topic that suggested trying a fast hdd ( instead of the SD-card im using at the moment ) so I am going give that a try.

Any help appriciated!


It happens on SC5000 as well. I had hoped for it to be optimized a bit with the recent update but it still happens occasionally.

I’ve found though that it’s possible I’m just used to how it acts with Serato (you hit it right on the beat). I have discovered that if you beat jump just slightly before the actual beat it improves the smoothness of the jump quite a bit. So I’ve just kinda retrained myself a bit. Still stutters from time to time but is definitely better.

A suggestion not really based on any logic…

People still seem to forget that the whole track is loaded into memory. If you “accidentally” disconnect the media, you can still use all functions like beat jump etc.

About the skipping of audio. “Loop move” acts similar, but in my experience “beat jump” works better than “loop move”.

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I’ve also noted the slight silence when beat jumping. It’s only a tiny glitch but it makes using it on the fly a little jarring. Using beat jump in Serato or Traktor is smooth. From memory I think it was seamless on the MCX8000.

I’ll wait to see if an update for the Prime range can iron it out. It doesn’t stop me loving the units but I use beat jump a lot to shorten 12" extended mixes or to cut out longer instrumental parts of tracks.

Ive also noticed this. Luckily, I play broken beat music, so the crowd doesn’t notice it as much. I’m hoping it gets fixed in a future firmware update.