Beat gridding is impossible

Any tips on how to speed up work flow? My beat grids are often wrong and manual adjust is impossible. Tap button is erratic and doesn’t seem to work.

Bring back Traktor with much much easier beatgridding.

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I know. Its long overdue

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I agree Mufasa… Long overdue…

There are several parameters associated with a proper beat grid.

  1. Sync
  2. Quantize
  3. Loops
  4. Beatjumps
  5. Effects on mixer

I don’t understand why they don’t make it possible to change (Serato-style) the BPM directly on the devices. Shrink / Expand = Problem solved. (more or less)

It has been on the roadmap/ “its coming soon” for more than 2 years.

“All I want for Christmas is proper beatgrid edit on the devices”… (I will spare you for a vocal version of this :smiley: )


rekordbox is my favorite to beatgrid tracks on by far. I can dial in a transition track without even knowing the “correct” tempos in about 20 seconds and it be perfect. worst case scenario the down beat may be off after it transitions back up but that is perfectly acceptable. I have spent Hours on one track trying to do this in engine and eventually just scrapped the track from my engine library. The lack of this function is why I still use my DDJ-1000 when I play out & never bought the prime 4 for mobile gigs. I have a love/hate relationship with my SC5000’s because of this missing feature.

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I actually just wrote this on another thread, which is very similar to this one: Updating BPM manualy in Engine Prime : Currently you have to be very careful when manually editing the bpm/grid in EP. The BPM will always stay constant… Even when you edit the grid!! With most other software, the bpm updates as you adjust the grid. This DOESN’T happen in EP. What actually happens is that EP tries to warp your grid to the bpm number shown for that track. If you’re not careful, you’re track will suddenly (and sometimes drastically) speed up/slow down, wherever you changed the grid & set new beat markers. If you want to manually edit the bpm, you need to type the correct Bpm into the window next to the waveform, then shift (not expand/contract) the waveform to line up with your downbeats. This is my biggest gripe with the EP software!!

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