Beat grid start / cue points skewed since 4.0 update on Prime 4+

Hi I use the Prime 4+ and I’ve noticed when out on gigs the location of the start points/beat grid has moved on a lot lot of my tracks and not for the better.

If I try and hold cue to adjust the start point to where it should be - the cue adjusts inaccurately (usually to where there is silence before the track creating a gap before the first beat) as a result I can’t then punch cue (which is my usual method of bringing a track in) and have to instead line up the first beat and press play.

The major lines on the grid aren’t then in sync and I’m having to use the smaller lines on the grid on some tracks as reference (bit of mental juggling) which isn’t as easy visually as using the main beat markers - yes I can just about manage (using my ears) but it is nowhere near as user friendly as it was before and is with other DJ software.

Is anyone else having this issue - I don’t want to go in and adjust all the beat grids as I have thousands of tracks. It was all pretty smooth sailing before the update.

How do I (Can I?) fix this easily in a setting?

Many thanks

Have you got pictures of examples?

If the grid is not right and you have quantized enabled, then this would happen.

You could try reanalysing (not analyse) a couple of tracks in Engine DJ desktop.

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