Beat Counter without Sync activated

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I think that I’m not the fist person who noticed that the beat counter isn’t working that well if sync is not enabled. Cause I’m playing across genres, it is totally annoying to activate sync to see the beat counter of the second player. I hope that this topic maybe implement this very small feature in fact that it is working in sync.

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I have been asking for this for so long ! @JWiLL :slight_smile:


If SYNC is not enabled, you would need all 4 layers the show on each player, or not?

not really, it’s need to work like the Nexus 2 Phase Meter V2, when you change the layer the phase meter change too

But if there is no master, how would a player know which two to display?

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It’s not automatic ? and not possible to display two phase meter ? not enough place maybe ?

The master is defined by the player itself. The longest track to play or the one that is longest on air and not stopped is the master player. The logic behind this is already working but only if sync is enabled, what isn’t that useful when you don’t use sync


My thought entirely - one deck in a group of four decks would have to show itself versus one of 7 other possible sources

OnAir means there always needs to be an X1800 connected!

Anyway, longest playing could be the default master, but I understand why they only made this algorithm active when sync is on and master designated. Otherwise it would be too dynamic.

In a 4 player setup, for now, only layers A are available on the X1800 ethernet link. Don’t know what happens when a separate switch and 8 channel mixer is used, but yeah too many options.

That’s not quite right. Other Players like CDJ can do this without a mixer in link. It switch when the track get stopped. It even can be switched manually.

You guys think too far I think. Only the Master deck should be displayed in the upper region of the beat counter and the deck of the player in the lower region. I want to repeat: This feature is actually working but only in sync mode. It only have to get unlocked to the normal mode without sync


I’m talking about on-air. The player doesn’t know if the fader is open on any other mixer than the X1800.

As for the counter change itself. Solid request. Phase would be better than the blocks like it is now btw.

However, I would like it to be turned off completely and put other info in that screen space. Never use the counter.

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I haven’t totally tried thinking through all this (if I’m missing the mark here just let me know), but on my (former) Pioneer CDJ-2000nxs2s, you could designate one of the players the Master without turning on sync. The player that was not the Master would show the beat meter thing (type 1 or 2), and when you switched from one single layer player and physically shuffled over to the next single layer player and beat meter wasn’t displaying (because it was set to Master) all you had to do was toggle the ‘Master’ button in order to view the meter - and since sync wasn’t on, this did not affect playback speeds. I only occasionally used the phase meter when mixing, but I think I have the above stated correctly. And like @HenkvanMill I’ve also wondered why said beat counter/meter feature isn’t activated on the sc5000 uness sync is used. PS. Please do not respond with “why would you even need this feature to work when not using sync mode?”


Waiting for the obligatory “use your ears” replies. :blush:



I am also on board with this. If figuring out what to do with the layers is an issue, it should be considered for at least one layer working with another deck. We don’t need to have our cake and eat it too (having it on all layers across 2 decks), if it’s not possible :slight_smile: but layer A on deck 1 to layer A on deck 2 should have this available at the least.

In addition, the utility could have control over this feature being active and with which deck/layer in which case it might even be easy to make it work with one deck’s layers A & B.

IMO, it would be a good enhancement to the product.



This problem was already discussed in Decenber 2017. Someone of Denon (paul_denondj )answered : "Hi guys

Just to advise, the operation of the ‘non-sync beatkeeper’ will be fixed/improved early 2018. Paul" Conclusion : The don’t listen to customers !


I’ve come from Traktor to the SC5000ms and and disappointed with the phase/beat meter. In Traktor you can select which of four decks is the master or you can have it be automatic. Each deck’s phase meter only shows that deck in comparison to the master.

I feel it is backwards to have a beat/phase meter to be active during sync instead of during free-mixing. 2 of 3 sync modes already matches the beat, why would Sync Djs even need a phase meter?

To make the phase/beat meter work on the SC5000s all they need to do is make the “master” button usable without sync and allow it to automatically switch between decks. Even if it wasn’t automatic just being able to use it would be a huge fix especially for DJs like me who mix multi-genre music without SYNC and use 4 decks. There are many sounds to listen to, having something to look at helps to keep it all in-line.

Denon, I’m rooting for you to take over the cdj and controller game, but this is one of things your competitors are currently doing better and if want to get their customers to keep coming to you, you need to offer functions that are equal or better.


Still no response to this topic from the DenonDJ Team @paul_denondj



This is my number one feature request, so I thought i’d try to bring some more atention to this. It seems like an easy fix and has been requested in a few places on this forum. Fingers crossed.


We need this, Pioneer players doesn’t force the sync feature in order to see the beat counter being displayed.

Denon have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to just regular features that should be standard.