Beat break effect on Prime 2

Hi all, this is my first post having received my Prime 2 yesterday! I love the unit (huge step up from my previous controller), but I am slightly disappointed to see that the beat break effect (present on the Prime 4) is missing from the Prime 2. The similar beat grid effect on Virtual DJ was one of my most used. Can this be added in a future update??

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There are many more smaller differences between the 2 and the 4 than I think people realise it is not just a 2 channel Prime 4 which is unfortunate considering its only a few hundred £/$ cheaper, things have been cut from it that just make no sense to cut like on-air indicators on the jogs, proper RCA inputs on the channels and some of the RGB buttons amoungst other things.

It feels like it may have been originally designed to come in at a lower price point than it is selling for now. Still a great device though!

There is a feature request section you can add a request to here:

Thanks. I’ve added a feature request. Given that it’s a software feature and unlikely to raise the production cost of the unit, it seems odd that it has been ommitted.

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I do not own the 2 or the 4 but your point is something I thought about. It makes more sense having the 4 and go. The 2 just does not make sense to me, especially considering the small price gap. Denon always has the right idea but they execute poorly.

Defo, if you have the room the Prime 4 is the one to get.

I have the SC5000/X1800 setup which the Prime 2 compliments nicely. I thought about the Prime 4 but I didnt see any time I would use the Prime 4 over the SC5000/X1800 where as the Prime 2 is a nice size for a quick jam in the garden/BBQ etc. If I didnt have the SC setup I would have got the 4

So maybe they did the 2 and 4 so there would not be a gap IDK, but omitting things in software does not make sense, however you add a price is does to them.

I have the Prime 4 and the Prime and there is certainly a big difference in the Prime 4 and 2 which is not in line with the price difference. The Prime 4 is so much better value for money and it is the one to go for. For me the Prime 2 is a backup and for use in smaller scenarios. The work flow between both mixers is near identical but I miss the sweep effects on the Prime 2 and I have also found the effects work better on the Prime 4. I certainly agree with the comment that the prime 2 should have been priced much lower. For me I don’t like the jog wheels on the go so for that’s a no no. I hope this helps.

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FEATURE REQUEST IN A FUTURE UPDATE - could Denon possibly add Sweep Effects in a software update on the Prime 2? PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!! :grinning: