Beamz Ignite60 and Panther 25 moving speed

Hi Guys,

I have been having this problem for quite a while, and really need a solution. :woozy_face: (the solution is not buying New stuff)

The movingheads in question is moving Quick in standalone mode, but when connections are made to SoundSwitch is moves really slow from position to position.

So slow that it doesnt make it from point A to point B before it moves on to point C or D.

I have tried to decrease and increase the distance between the position-markers, but nothing helps. Still the same.

The only place I can change speed Settings on these movingheads are under the Gobo Settings, and this doesnt help either.

Any ideas?

mabe change the dmx mode to a simpler one on the device. (It seems you have set them to use more adresses to do the same. you can find this in the manual. I have set my devices mostly to the basic dmx modes and then they are compatible among themselves.)

So you suggest that instead of the 14 channel mode, I should try the 10 channel mode? (Ignite60)

It´s worth a try. :smile: or you need first to set up the pan/tilt movement speed (There should also be a parameter if set to 14 chan mode. If pan/tilt speed is set to 255 it should react as fast as the other. but if you don´t have the option to set this by software, it´s better to change dmx mode, so that the light works in basic mode.)

If you set up an attribute cue, is there an option for movement speed there? I have ten ADJ Scans at work and they have a setting under there for macros and speed.

If I slide the DMX value it changes P/T speed.

In attribut cues (Gobos in my case) yes. But No effect on the actual movinghead.

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Hopefully SoundSwitch support could make a new profile or examine that profile to see if it’s set up correctly by whoever made the profile. I’ve heard of errors before.


It´s a pain that we have to wait for a company to write a fixture profile. Is there no fixture profiler as seperate tool. That is even in a freeware program like freestyler … :frowning:

Also on my cheap dmx-light controler I can learn new fixtures. I only need the manual and type in the correct adresses for the faders.

The couple of times I have sent a DMX chart to SoundSwitch it has been added within 24 hours, so I actually am really happy with their service. :slight_smile:

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I had a Robe PROmotion added within two hours recently! They are pretty good.

It would be nice to have a little more control though. The amount of times I’ve wanted a movement or colour palette override on a midi button. It would make it close to LJ software.

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That is real fast. Nice.

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