Battery Size of Mixstream Pro Go

Does anyone have the exact Watt-Hours of battery in the Mixstream Pro Go? I have a feeling it’s above the (super low) 2.7 Wh limit of checked baggage. Though it may count as a “personal electronic”, hard to say.

I’ve flown with it as a carry-on before, but it’s far above the dimensions. I put it at my feet in a case and threw a jacket over it. Prime Go hasn’t been a problem in the past either because it’s small enough to actually fit in a carry-on.

Honestly bro, the airlines typically aren’t sticklers for that carry on thing. As long as you can fit it in front of/under your seat, without bothering other passengers you’re good. There’s a reason why you’ve been able to fly with it as carry on without any issues up to this point. I wouldn’t “check” it thought because baggage handlers can be thieves and your ish can come up “lost”. They have a high turnover rate and it would be nothing for a guy to see your joint and lift it, then quit that day. A lot of them have nothing to lose you know what I mean? Anyway good luck…

I’m with you, but I’m starting to need to bring two of them for redundancy, I don’t think I can get away with two on me.

Baggage handler wise, fair point but my credit card insures for that. I’ve checked soundboks’s often enough with no issues.

I see. Maybe consider getting an iPad and subscribing to Algoriddim DJay Pro AI. With the right cables/adapters, you can connect to a sound system and perform a DJ set competently if something were to happen to your Mixstream Pro Go. The iPad would be a lot smaller to tote around and you still get access to all the streaming services, and you can have your local music as well if you really want it on there. Just something to consider. Good luck with whatever you go for. I’m not sure of the size of the Pro Go battery… sorry I can’t answer that, but I think people have checked their MPC Live 2s which I’d guess has a similar type battery. You should be fine, but maybe wait for more input on the thread to see if anyone else has done it. I’d also post in the r/DJs reddit forum.

I tried to find the battery capacity recently as well, and I couldn’t track down any information about it unfortunately.

Not to change the subject of the thread, but how are you checking your Soundboks? I’m also interested in doing this, but I haven’t found a soft or hard case or bag that I like for my Soundboks Gen 3.