Basic things for improve workflow and experience overall

Jesus christ. It’s been years and still having the same issues with engine. I’m an actual working dj, with gigs you know. And for a lot of reasons I still use iTunes and rekordbox for music management, because most of the venues I go to work have pioneer gear, and in other venues I have to work with virtualDj to output videos or visuals or whatever. But I personally own a Prime 2 for private events and venues with no equipment. The thing is: why do I have to export a xml from rekordbox, delete the playlist in Engine and then import the playlist EVERYTIME I update my collection. Also it takes ages every time I refresh the rekordbox xml or the iTunes library in Engine. And why I can’t import a playlist, a m3u or a text file, isn’t that like a basic thing? Also, the analysis is all over the place and it’s been like that for years now. I have a simple way to fix it, give me a simple option for a normal analysis and another one for dynamic analysis, you know, like in rekordbox. It is simple and effective. That would save me a lot of time, headaches and frustration. A lot of updates and a lot of features that are making my prime 2 slower, but nothing to actually improve workflow, things that I consider basic, or important, because I see I’m not the only one wit this issues.

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Since your using so many different systems Id guess it would be wise to look into Lexicon. This tool can sync your collection between Recordbox (5 en 6) , iTunes, Serato, VDJ, and Engine. And for the engine part of it, it does a pretty fast job at it. Even faster if you dont export album art.

You are an actual working DJ so Lexicon is a tax deductible investment.