Bad bpm information

I find that information is missing to visualize that the track is not at the right bpm. On the screen, under the waveform there is the time, the key & the BPM, it should turn red and / or flash when it is not respected. We could also flash point 0 in red of the pitch. It was just an idea :slight_smile:

Do you mean if the Prime 4 has made a wrong analyze?

If so, how would the Prime 4 register that its wrong? And why wouldnt it just had analyzed it right, in that case? (if you understand what I mean :slight_smile:)

But when Denon get the algorithm from Engine Prime implemented on the units in a short time, I think it will be way better, and more correct more often :muscle:

no, no, the prime works very well :slight_smile: It’s just to remind you that you have to reset the music’s initial bpm when you change it for tempo mixing

Ahh ok :slightly_smiling_face: Well I could see an idea in it switching colour… But flashing, I would probably find annoying:

4 tracks playing, all with changed BPMs… 4 x flashing going on + all the other stuff going on, on the screen :partying_face:

You’re right, I also noticed this problem.

But I also noticed that all this is manifested only in the vertical view; if you switch to horizontally you will also see the percentage of correction that you are carrying out and consequently you realize that you have to bring the cursor back to zero. Or I look at the time slider: if it has the central white LED on, then it’s fine, otherwise if there are the two green arrows at the top and bottom lit then I have to make the correction.

However, a good function to add would be that of “TEMPO RESET”, as Pioneer has: by pressing a special button, we get the gradual return to its original speed even without moving the cursor. Look here.

Yes quite :slight_smile: The pitch led could become red and the writing of the bpm in red could be more visible, it is true that a blinking could become annoying :slight_smile: Personally I would not use the bpm leveling function because according to the mixes I do not do it at the same speed but it is a very good idea for those who need it :slight_smile: