Back-up Hard Drive Question

Can I copy the engine target files directly from one hard drive to another ?

wow, I have this very same question about having a second hard drive for back up in case failure.

You should be able to make a copy with no issue, if you then wanted to point your library at the backup that would be more difficult. But you could use the backup to move the files back into a folder that’s in the same file path as your original library.

As long as the file path is the same your engine database file should work on any computer of the same operating system.

ok what about updating whenever add new tracks. How do I go about it?

You on Mac or windows?

I personally have Time Machine in place on my Mac which auto backs up my computer, then I use the external drive in my DJ console itself as a de-facto backup… then another drive I update manually periodically.

There are programs that can sync folders though, I was looking into a Mac one recently. If you Google ‘sync folders on two different drives’ it should bring up some options.

I use a macbook pro M1 Pro 14"

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Ok so I’d say to start with get a NAS drive on your local network and configure it for Time Machine, that way it will auto backup every time you turn the laptop on.

Then get another external drive and look for sync software that will update your music folder to that drive with any new files, I can’t remember the exact name of the software but there is a good one out there.

I have 3 drives. One is formatted in APFS format which I have had my music files stored. the second drive I have is formatted in Exfat to use when I dj with my prime go. And finally I have the 3rd drive also formatted in exfat format with all the music files i directly copied drsg and drop wise to have on the side just in case something were to go wrong while Im djing with the prime go here the drive might have corrupted the files.

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That’s not a bad setup you have there already then.

Have a look into a cheap WD NAS drive for Time Machine though, then it’s extra piece of mind, not just for your music but your mac in general.

ok I will look into a nas drive to use with time machine. since I haven’t backed up my macbook pro since I purchased it and got it in the middle of December 2022 yikes! gotta make a move on it quick. Thanks for the tip and take care.

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NP, there are loads of great guides online for Time Machine too, and it’s actually pretty easy to setup.

:+1:t4: thanks man

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