Back at it!

Stopped DJ’ing for 15 years and just got back into it with Denon! I was a club DJ who played mostly Breaks, but also open format clubs. Back then I was using Technics 1200s and a rack mount Denon DN-D4500. Loved Denon since then, not having any gear at all I decided to try out the SC Live 2 because of the built in speakers and wanted a standalone… Denon was my first choice because I’m a split cue mixer and the pitch bend buttons that I LOVE. After using the SC Live 2 for a few weeks and loving it, I was still in the return period and decided to send it back for the SC Live 4… no regrets! Amazed at how awesome it is… So convenient to just turn it on and jam, cut mixes and just have fun. Hopefully I can land some gigs but if not no sweat, just gonna do my own thing.


Hi there and welcome to Team Denon :+1:

Enjoy your new gear and welcome to the forum.

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Welcome back! Dont be afraid to ask lots of questions here. Everyone is super nice and willing to help any way we can!

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Glad to have you back! So much innovation has happened since you stopped, that it can seem dizzying.

Nonetheless, the community is here to support you. Feel free to pepper us with questions, share your setup and even your mixes :slight_smile:

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