Axis speakers? What happened?

Hi there, does anyone know why the Axis range of speakers stopped being sold, there are a set for sale from a store I can buy, two 8’s and a 12s sub.

Are they good speakers, I love Denon and have bought denon since the launch of the dn2000f back in the 90’s and still buy denon, but these speakers are new for them and there is nothing on the net to why it was stopped??

Was there an issue with them to be discontinued so quick?

Are there still parts available is anything fails?

Many thanks for you help in advance :slight_smile:

They are still listed as active product on the Denon website. What makes you think they aren’t being sold anymore?

All the UK shops have them listed as discontinued, there is no info out there on them, yet yes they are still on denon website which is so very odd, hence this post for advice…someone must know I hope :slight_smile:

Hmm… Interesting. It could be that there isn’t a domestic distributor for them, so in the mind of the shops they are discontinued.

Or they could actually be discontinued. When Denon has pulled the plug on product before it has taken some time to get moved to the legacy section of the website - I assume as they don’t want to tank sales of anything currently on the shelves.

I haven’t heard a ton of feedback about the Axis speakers, but what I did hear was always glowing so it would be a shame if they were gone so soon.

Hi Hampshire - PM your contact details to @Gee_DenonDJ - he’ll be able to check if there is UK stock available. By the way, they are really excellent speakers. We use the Axis 12 and 12s for a lot of our presentation sessions and small events.

I’ll jump in early with the reply.

The Denon DJ Axis speakers were released shortly before Denon DJ was acquired by global music giants, InMusic (The name behind the brands which rock the professional music world, including Akai, Numark, Alesis, Alto Professional, Mixmeister, to name but a few). One of those InMusic brands, Alto Professional, are predominately manfucaturers of excellent PA and DJ speakers and systems of various sizes.

Speakers, whilst being versatile, and sounding great etc, are also required to meet different customers feature requirements and specifications etc.

For Denon DJ to continue with 2 different Two Way speakers and a Sub-woofer, (The remaining stock of Denon DJ Axis speakers were primarily snapped up by the Audio/Visual market - with no central stock remaining ), when the Alto Professional brand offers an immersive range of feature-rich cabinets, systems, options and power outputs, would have been somewhat choice-restrictive compared to the Alto Professional range.

Depending on the type of gigs which you perform at, and the sizes of venues which you play, then you’ll certainly find an ideal solution in the Alto Professional TruSonic (TS) or Alto Black ranges of speakers.

Ah interesting - I thought the Axis speakers came along after the inMusic purchase. But in that case, it makes sense.

As an aside, after the recent Rane announcements I’m starting to see the direction inMusic is taking with differentiating the various brands. I like it. It makes sense to me.

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Generally the research, design etc would start a fair amount of time before the launch, of course.

There’s both diversity and logical merging… for example the Akai pads are the thing of legend - so, they now feature on products from other inMusic brands. Similarly high-resolution touch/gesture displays are now extremely popular in several InMusic brand products, SC5000, Headrush Pedalboard, Akai MPC X etc.

I see it’s also the case with Numark speakers (Lightwave = Spectrum PA), right?

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It’s almost as if it’s discussed years beforehand :wink: