Autoplay function on the SC5000

Best Denon DJ community,

I own the SC5000 (2x) and I want to know if there is a option, while I can play a playlist without mixing. Like, when I have to set up my light setup, I want some background music. So that when the track ends playing, it automaticly goes to the second one. And how do I enable that or disable that in the player?

Cause I still want to mix eventually live.



Hi @wezzy-k, thanks for your question. The SC5000 has a ‘continuous’ mode that you can toggle for playback. Once you select a Crate/Playlist and choose a track, play it after it loads and press the ‘CONTINUE’ button on the touchscreen, located next to the ‘QUANTIZE’ button. This will enable that selected playlist to play continuously without having mix into the next song.


Never noticed that button. But thank you, just tried it!

The ever increasing features of the SC’s! they really have everything covered, just need to tidy up the edges :wink:

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