Autoplay feature on the Engine DJ Software Please!

I like to listen to my music and edit or rate them as go through each song. I think this feature would make it easy for me to go through the 10,000+ songs that I have, instead of having the click each song down the list and manually start each one!! Thanks for reading my post!




Also, when playing a song, have the option to keep playing if a new song is loaded.

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You sure none of the keyboard shortcuts do this? I’ve not explored it personally but Serato has Cmd and left or right to load tracks.

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+100 Another default feature that was left out. They could’ve mirrored the function from the embedded software on the hardware.

@Stu-C: There is a keyboard shortcut to load a track into the player in Engine but there is no continuous play option.

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Does it not just auto play if you had the previous track playing?

For example in Serato if im prepping tracks and I have it paused, each track I load will be paused, but if I have the track playing, each track I then load will play.

I dont use Engine much for listening so not sure??

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Just ran upstairs and checked, yeah it pauses the track again when you load the next one doesnt it.

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Yes, I just tried too. It won’t allow you to drop multiple tracks to the deck(s) either.

There is the preview column in the browser though, which allows you to play the tracks and skip to the next by just clicking on the waveform (and it keeps playing).


It would definitely be a welcome fix then as I like to tab through my tracks in Serato and have them just play as soon as I load them when Prepping. I imagine people who use Engine as their prep tool would benefit.

On a slightly different but related note, ive managed to get Traxsource down to a tee with keyboard shortcuts. I select 100 of whatever I want to ‘play all’ then use the up and down arrows and left and right to either skip tracks or tab through the preview. I can rattle off hundreds of previews an hour to find music.

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with Serato, the function of autoplay is just a simple button on the bottom lefthand counter of the screen lol.

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We’re talking specifically about prepping tracks here, not performance mode. Being able to load tracks and have them play automatically.

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A basic feature that should have been in the software from day 1.


There is a feature request for it

Strange, isn’t it… on this 3 day old thread, not in the feature request section, there’s various “+1” the obligatory “+100” and such… yet the official place to add sincere interest and support of the idea, on its actual request form, has just 1 real vote.

It -could- still get added to the prep software, but it’s not really showing that anyone (except 1) really really want this feature.

Reading different things here.

  • autoplay when loading to deck
  • continuous play track to track in the playlist

If it’s not the request Mufasa states above, then I think an extra is needed.

Think they are cousins

  1. Load first track
  2. Press play
  3. Enable continuous mode
  4. If you use :rewind: or :fast_forward: next track loads and play immediately
  5. If the playing track ends, next plays immediately

This may not be entirely true with Limited votes.

Honestly one should not have to “request” a feature like this.


That’s the idea of limiting the votes to 10… if there’s 11 suggested features that one person wants, they have to choose a vote to remove from one feature, to use on the newly suggested feature. A “top ten” as it were.

Im not really familiar on how to send a request, so i figured i just put this out there, in the hope that someone could help! :yum: thanks btw!