Automatic loop capture at end of tracks

Sorry if this is an obvious question but I’m completely new to looping.

I’m wondering if there’s a way for me to create a loop at the end of a track, say the last 32 beats so that when it reaches that point it just starts looping automatically?

I want to extend the mixing time at the end of my tracks by creating a continuous loop on the last 32 clean beats, but I don’t want to have to think about it too much. Do I need to set this manually somehow after loading in each track or is there a way to set something in the engine prime software that the prime 4 will read and when it gets to that cue point of the loop it will auto enable and start looping?

I saw a YouTube video with someone creating this using Rekordbox it’s called an Active loop - is this feature available on Prime?


No, the only ways to do the loops are:

  1. Activate a loop manually by pressing the “Auto loop” knob.

  2. Press the “Loop In / Loop Out” buttons to manually create a loop.

  3. Use memorized loops, to be launched with the PADs

  4. Use the PADs to launch auto-loops

If you search in the feature requests, you will find some request to get loops enabled before you have reached the loop point, so that when the track gets to that position, you will automatically get to engage the loop, which may be what you ask.

Thanks DjAj

With Auto Loops can I say create just one loop for a track which occurs at the end, and then when I load each track can I click the loop button it’s been assigned to and can I somehow only make it activate when the track reaches the start of the loop point in the track?

That’s what I’m looking for, I basically want to extend certain tracks at the end so they are better for mixing out of, if there is no active loop features where it automates when it gets there, is there a way to turn this on manually somehow when you load each track?

Beat jump is a handy workaround

Start your mix, beat jump back in 16/32 beats the outgoing track

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Beat jump doesn’t entirely solve this because it is relies on you actively clicking still but it’s definitely a good feature. What I want is for my loops to kick in automatically whilst focussing on ensuring the tracks are synchronising well and the EQ’s are perfect. The whole point of being able to just have an activate the loop is so that you don’t need to manually intervene at the crucial mixing stage. I would have thought this would be a standard feature with Prime but I guess not.

Being new to digital mixing and having a 15+ year background in only vinyl mixing I’m currently struggling to see an essential need for loops other than some extra effects (this opinion will likely change), the real need right now as a resurrecting DJ would be to use the feature for extending the mixing time at the beginning and the end which I thought would be an obvious use case, but having to activate these loops at those times manually somewhat compromises the usefulness as you still have to remember to activate them at the very point you need them to start and also ideally at the exact time you start the other track you want to mix into.

I’m sure it’s just a case of getting used to it and practicing but if your working with tracks that are 2 - 3 minutes in length it would be more than handy to not have to worry about having to activate a programmed loop and just know it will occur. It’s like they have created the Sync button for efficiency so you no longer have to spend time syncing by ear manually, but then these loop features you have to do manually by ensuring you are clicking buttons at the right.

I guess there has to still be some art in skill in mixing as a DJ so I’m prepared to embrace it and learn the tricks :slight_smile:

Question: If I used Serato to prepare my tracks and used the active loop feature they have, when I add them to Prime would this active loop be analysed and work when I played the track on the Prime 4?

Also is there a way to add analysed tracks from Serato into the Prime 4 hard drive? I’ve only been using Engine software so far but I’m thinking of moving over to Serato for a number of reasons but I want to be able to work stand alone without running the tunes from a laptop.

Serato to EP, EP to Prime 4. Standard way

Then this feature request

It will copy as standard saved loops

I understand well what you are asking. Look here: REQUEST 1 or REQUEST 2

These requests have also been sleeping for 2 years :wink:

Great many thanks

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