Automatic light show with external audio out

Hello all ! I’m using SS with my Prime 4, and i happily succeded in connecting my moving heads and led bars. Sadly, i found out that if i play from an external source (in this case a turntable), Engine DJ won’t create an automatic light show based on sound. There is just nithing going on. I can only override color and create a strobe and/or moving effect but that’s all. Only way to have an automatic show i found is to play a track with a beatgrid on another channel, put the fader up and the gain to 0. Is there another way around this ? Thanks in advance !


That’s how SoundSwitch works: the software uses the beatgrid to create an automatic show. No beatgrid, no automatic show…


If you can, let me explain: in those cases I have created a static that has an auto sound value for the moving heads. then you put it in that position and solve the problem, I hope I have explained myself, greetings

What would be a great feature request would be to be able to start auto loops on external sources with a BPM tap.

The heads and spotlights usually have microphones, in the appropriate adjustment channel you can put it on auto and sound, I use it like this when I work with a music group and it works great

Yes i know but it would be nice to be able to activate an auto loop and define a BPM without a beatgrided source playing !

Indeed that would be great !

Thanks i’ll try the static trick. Where do you enter the auto sound value for the moving heads in soundswitch ? Or do i have to manually change the mode on the moving heads ?

For example, in my head, channel 1, the value 1 to 60 corresponds to DMX, 61 to 120 auto, 121 to 180 sound and 181 to 255 off, since the value of that channel in static mode is set to my case at 125 and when you apply that static look, it will work in sound mode with what the microphones in the heads detect, you will have to look at the manual of your lights, it will say it in the description