Autoloops vs Automatic Shows

So, let’s say I have a song that has a pre-programmed show.

I play the song, and the pre-programmed show begins automatically.

Let’s say at some point I want to kick in an auto loop, and click on it. It then kicks on.

How do I turn it off so that the show then resumes?

If you have a script associated with that track, you don’t start the autoloop by pressing its button. The script always has priority over the autoloop. If you select one of the autoloops you set which one to use if a track doesn’t have the script, but if your track has the script (as you wrote), it will follow that.

The only way to do what you ask is to go to the preferences (the tab at the bottom right) and in the various lines, look for and activate the option that says about this “Use autoloop instead of scripts”. This way all tracks ignore their own script and follow the autoloop.

You can deactivate the setting that I explained to you in the previous point.