Autoloops not working in Engine Lighting


I hava a problem with Engine Lightning. If I connect to soundswitch with my laptop via Stagelinq everything is working fine as usual.

But on the Engine Lighting there are only working the overrides. If i start a track there is nothing. Normaly i only use the Autoloops. Lights are not doing anything. The I acripted a track, also no success. Has anyone an Idea or the same Problem.

I just reinstaled the Firmware, also not fixed my problem.

AFAIK, if tracks already contain ss data, autoloops will only work if “override scripted tracks” is enabled.

Hi, thanks for your answer. There was nothing working, not scripted and no autoloops. Now the autoloops are working, but they run only one time, if I clicked them manualy.

Best to start a bug report here, where the soundswitch posse can see your concerns

Bumping this thread as I’m experiencing the same thing as OP.