AutoLoops bug - not playing on software mode

I’ve just started investigating using Sound Switch and possibly getting the Control One for some small lighting gigs and things. I’m playing around in the software and in edit mode the autoloops playback fine but when I go to fire them in autoloops bank it doesn’t seem to work at all. I can override colours + strobes (all I need it for atm really) but set up a few custom bank loops to see what happens and appears not to work.

Enttec Open DMX output Macbook Mid 2015 running Big Sur 11.7.6

Any ideas?

Just to confirm are you trying to trigger/select them in Edit Mode via Control One as this is not possible when in Edit Mode?

Nope. Not using the Control One at all.

I’m on the app, I’m in edit mode. I’ve made an auto loop or playing back a default one with the lights I have. They fire in edit mode out the Enttec DMX with no issue. I go to the performance mode. I trigger the auto loop. Nothing happens. Go to the colour and strobe override buttons, they fire fine.

Ok when in Performance Mode do you have a connection with your DJ Software to start the playback of your Autoloops?

If you are not using SoundSwitch alongside a DJ Software you will need to activate SoundSwitch in “Standalone” mode via the “Link” button top left of the screen.

That doesn’t seem to do anything at all for the autoloops. When I select a colour or a static it is visible pressed but the autoloops just look like they’ve been clicked and nothing outputs.

@inlowercase yes but the Autoloops will not playback until you have either a connection with your DJ Software (Serato/VDJ) or you have activated SoundSwitch in Standalone Mode. SoundSwitch requires BPM Information to start and playback the Autoloops.

Do you have a connection with your DJ Software or are you using SoundSwitch in Standalone Mode?

I don’t understand… like I’m trying to do what you’re saying and trying to explain how I’m wanting to test the use but like I don’t get it.

No, I’m trying to fire from the computer without any midi clock, without any DJ software. I don’t USE Serato/CDJ. I am using Rekordbox, but will be wanting to control the lights whilst using a Pioneer XDJ XZ. I keep opening Soundswitch in Performance mode. I go to Standalone mode, I press link. I try the auto loops and they do nothing. I turn link off they do nothing. I go to manually put in a BPM on the standalone tab. It does nothing to change the BPM.

I’ve checked the settings and nothing else seems apparent. I ticked external mixer hoping that would work and it’s done nothing.

I feel like there should just be a guide online for using the program and yet there isn’t.

Like I’m doing exactly what it does on this video:

And yet it does not fire.

It’s 100% a bug.

Ok get in touch with me directly at and I can help you with this issue.