Autoloops - all lights always on?

I’m getting OK now at getting the fixtures working, but when I set an auto loop, all the lights come on at the same time, which looks rubbish. Is there anyway that you can get the autoscripting to cycle through fixtures?

Can you specify? Maybe I can help. I work with Autoloops exclusively and don’t have this issue.

I’ve got some Nanoleaf, American DJ Tri-Par, Kam Party Bar and a Kam XY laser, currently at home. When I autoscript, all of the lights are running, all of the time, which just looks crap, severally when the laser is running, that should be on exclusively, but everything g else is on too.

I’ve got loads more lights at the club (moving heads and pars) but I don’t want to even bother trying to programme them yet, until I can get this working.

Do you have stuff going on in the master track? I’ve just added Nanonleafs myself, but not scripted them yet. Smartlights including the Nanonleaf require scripting data in the master track (both for manually scripted tracks as well as autoloops). However, there is a small trap: If you keep certain tracks/groups/fixtures entirely empty, instead of adding intensity value = 0, they will be overridden by the master track. This can result in the impression that all of your fixture remain active, even if you don’t want this to happen. Because the master track overrides all fixtures with missing color and intensity information. It’s like a hierarchy.

How do we do that? I have to edit the laser as an attribute otherwise it stays on permanently, and the other fixtures must have their shutters set as there is no way to turn them on or off in attributes.

Aaaah, okay. I “only” have RGB and UV fixtures. So I just have to create “dummy tracks” with intensity = 0 to prevent the master track (Nanoleaf) from overriding these fixtures. I have no experience with multichannel lasers and movers, though. Sorry! Maybe @Liam can assist.

Tbh Soundswitch’s customer service is shocking; I’ve already had two separate communications about the laser and they get so far and then stop replying. Such a shame as the par cans/wash/nanos work brilliant together. If I could get a way of the lasers not kicking in at the same time (and then subsequently my moving heads when I grab them out of the club), the system would be brilliant. Currently though, I’m considering staying with Freestyler as at least I have full control over the lights myself (free too).

Hey @yeltsin ok so reading through your questions you are looking for a way that when using the Autoscript tool you would like your LED Fixtures to turn off when a Laser is activated is that correct?

This is not possible as Lasers are controlled via Attribute Cues only. If you would like this sort of behavior this would require manual scripting.

SoundSwitch is focused more on controlling LED FIxtures and Moving heads and less on Lasers which is why all Control is done via Attribute Cues.

You also mentioned when Autoscripting you end up with results where all fixtures are on can you confirm you have set your Fixture categories correctly as this dramatically affects the Autoscript results? Take a look at the tips in this guide below:

Regarding support what exactly do you need help with is it getting a profile created for your Laser or is it on the topic we are currently discussing now?

I’m honestly, dangerously close to dropping Soundswitch and going with a Wolfmix ( WMX1). The progress seems to have slowed quite a bit and sometimes I just need to make changes on the fly that SS can’t do. Been feel pretty frustrated with it lately.

Hey @Djscottyb interested to hear what on-the-fly control you would like from SoundSwitch. Just so we dont hi-jack this thread if you want to start another topic regarding this i would be happy to discuss this with you.

Liam. Apologies. This has been on my mind a lot lately. I guess I was just sharing some frustration with the OP. We still can’t set two static scenes at the same time. That’s one for sure. I love Soundswitch in so many ways! But it feels like I have to prep for anything I wanna do and if something changes at the event…and things seem to always change, I’m screwed. I guess maybe what I would love is a control surface that is more full featured like what’s on the engine hardware itself. But there are still other things that really need to be addressed.

No problem at all. Again i dont want to hi-jack this thread but Static Look improvements are high on the priority list. If you do get time start a new thread and would love to get your feedback on what you would like to see with these besides layering and happy to discuss these with you. Appreciate the feedback as allways.


I’ve done the individual editing in attributes Liam, but there’s no way to shut off the other items as they are all controlled by shutters.

I’m a little confused re: lasers though - isn’t the gigabar move marketed and shown was working great with SoundSwitch, and contains a laser, or is this programmed in some unique way to separate lasers?

I also have an issue which we started an email conversation about the colours, and how SoundSwith seems to not select the colours properly, despite it using a colour wheel, but for the second time the correspondence simply stopped.

I think I’m understanding from your post though that I should simply have done with the lasers. However, am I going to have the same problems with my darbys?

Ok, so we are referring to the GigBar Move. A couple things to remember with this fixture is that to shut off the other fixtures on the Bar you can do so by scripting an Inetsnity Override to the individual control tracks on the timeline. Now the next issue is the mentioned Derbies on the GigBar the dderbies do not have a shutter or intensity control so the only way you can disable this is via scripting the Color Black.

The Lasers are all controlled via Attribute Cues only these will need to be created first and then the Autoscript tool will automatically add these but it will not disable the other fixtures on the Bar when the Laser is active as this is a personal preference you will need to script this yourself or setup an on the fly control via a Static Look etc if you would like to manually trigger this.

We have a prebuilt GigBar Move SoundSwitch Project which you can download via below but this will still require the creation of some Attributes for your desired Lasers:

Apologies for the delay, I’ve been in hospital and have only just been discharged.

No, sorry, you misunderstand me. I don’t have a gigabit move, but I”m assuming that whist the laser is running on GBM, that the Darby and Spots aren’t also firing. This is what I’m looking for with my lights; that the others are dimming when the laser is on.

What I’m struggling with is that I CAN”T script the other lights to be off when the laser is on myself, as the shutter attributes for the other fixtures aren’t in attribute cues. Am I missing something, somewhere?

No problem on the dealy and I hope you are well.

So if the other lights on the bar support intensity control you will turn these off by scripting a 0% intensity to the fixtures control tracks on the timeline.

As I mentioned its important to remember that on those Bars the Derby does not have intensity control and the only way to shut those off is via scripting the color “Black”

Thanks Liam, getting there, slowly!!

I’m sorry, but I don’t undercard, and this is what I was trying to express. The colours are controlled by the colour wheel, so how do I create a black, for any of my fixtures?

In this situation where your fixture does not have Intensity control, I would create a custom Static Look for your Blackout as this way you will be able to select the Color Black to be used for the derbies.