Autoloop buttons disabled in Engine lighting

Hi. I exported my sound switch project to a USB drive, and it shows and the venue info loads correctly on my Denon DJ Go. It mostly works, however, The individual autoloops buttons (in Engine lighting) do not stay lit up and they will not activate. However, the “play all banks” tab and the bAnk 1 - 4 tabs do stay lit even though they don’t appear to do anything . Yes, there is a music track playing and “override scripted tracks” is checked in preferences. And yes, I hit stop and then start the “engine lighting” button.

Why can’t I activate the individual preprogrammed autoloops? Engine DJ and the lights do appear to be syncing to some kind of loop as I play a song and my DMX lights are flashing to the beat - but I have no idea what loop or script it is referring to.

Thank you.

The autoloop should activate on a press but there is unfortunately no visual feedback on what autoloop is playing. So it is currently correct that you dont see the autoloop light up. You can use the repeat button to stay on the same autoloop the whole song, otherwise they will follow up one after another.

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The visual feedback of the currently active Autoloop is one of the major user requests (both on the GUI and on the Control One). I think chances are good they gonna mange to implement this soon. I don’t even (properly) see my own lights, unless I use a smartphone in selfie-mode, lol.

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it will play with the next track.

e.g. say you play track A with autoscript, then you decide you don’t like the light show, and want autoloop instead, it wont “override scripted tracks” till next track load.

maybe thats what you are experiencing

If your in continue mode, so all songs in a folder will be played, if the repeat button has been pressed for say the 1st song, will it stay repeated for all the other songs it plays?